Professional Freediving Buoy TRITON


Lightweight, firm, convenient, tubeless, two-section buoy.
The best choice for freediving instructors, perfect for travel.


Specifications and description:

• Light weight — 2.2 kg.
• Spacious — 130 meters of 10 mm cable.
• 2 independent separate sections with 2 valves.
• Completely netted solid bottom made from PVC (as strong and solid as PVC of buoy).
• Convenient pockets for small things.
• Minimal gap from the bottom for comfortable diving.
• Convenient handles to carry buoy and preparation to dive under the water.
• The main material is PVC with a density of 620 g/m².
• The bottom and the net- PVC with density 320 g/m².
• The valve made of high precision Borika - 2 pieces.
• Leer Borika.
• Accessories YKK (Japan).
• Maximal pressure 0,6 atmospheres.



Shipping and delivery

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