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Athletes TRITON

Our ambassadors aren't just athletes, but are the most awesome members of our crazy TRITON family and we are proud to support them.

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Walid Boudhiaf

World Record holder in VWT - 150m. Multiple national record holder for France and Tunisia:
FIM 116m, CWT 116m, CNF 79m.

Andrew Khvetkevych

7x national record holder for Ukraine and USA:
CNF 73m, CWT 99m, FIM 95m, CWTB 97m

Alexander Zaikin

19x national record holder for Belarus:
DYNB 200m, DYN 230m, DNF 195m, CNF 53m, CWT 70m, CWTB 75m, FIM 72m.

Ekaterina Sadurskaya

National freediving record holder for Ukraine: STA 6:13, DYN 176m, DYNB 166m. In the past - a member of the Ukrainian national synchronized swimming team. Participant of the 2016 Olympic Games (4th place). European champion, medalist of the World Championship.

Dean Chipolina

Elite freediving athlete, United Kingdom.
CWT 92m, CWTB 85m, CNF 61m, FIM 75m, Static 7:50 и DYN 200m.

Nicole Edensbo

National record holder for Sweden:
CWTB 75m, CNF 52m, FIM 77m, DYN 210m, DYNB 166m

Kristian Mäki-Jussila

Finland’s national record holder in freediving: DNF 184m, DYNB 181m. Owner of the Freefall Finland freediving school. The only person in the world that can swim 101m under ice, without any kind of equipment, apart from his swimming shorts.

Henrietta Kivijärvi

Professional freediving athlete, Finland.
Owner of the Freefall Finland freediving school.
Finland’s national record holder in CWTB -40m.

Vera Giampietro

13x national record holder for Switzerland:
CWT 69m, FIM 63m, CWTB 61m, CNF 43m.
Freediving and yoga instructor, translator, sport and nature lover.

Dmitry Moroz

Winner of Republican competitions, silver medalist of the Championship of the Republic of Belarus. National record holder in FIM -72m.
CWTB 67m, DYN 161m, Static 7:13 and DYNB 152m.

Yury Shmatko

World class sport master in the underwater sports.
A teacher in physical education and underwater sports.
Instructor-trainer in freediving using the Molchonovs system.
Ex-champion of Europe in apnea CMAS, Champion of Russia in freediving AIDA.
Master freediving instructor PADI.
Apnea instructor CMAS.
First aid instructor EFR.

Anton Ryabuha

National record holder for Latvia in freediving: DYNB 164m

Vyacheslav Kuzub

Professional freediving athlete, Russia.

Pavel Moseychuk

Professional spearfisherman and freediver. Freediving and spearfishing instructor, Ukraine.

Alexander Kondrashov

Best travel blogger in Russia according to National Geographic. Well known spearfisherman.

Igor Ryazantsev

Well known spearfisherman, travel blogger, Russia.

Ivan Bubnov

Spearfisherman and freediver, Ukraine.

Alexander Gromadskiy

Well known spearfisherman, blogger, Ukraine.

Alexey Shachkov

Trophy spearfisherman, Latvia.

Andzej Alechnovic

Spearfisherman, Lithuania.

Rolandas Petraitis

Spearfisherman, Lithuania.

Alexander Semenov

Professional spearfisherman and freediver. Freediving and spearfishing instructor. Founder of TRITON brand.

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