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The most indispensable and universal high pressure buoy is based on our Spearfishing Board. This buoy is lightweight, compact and has everything that a reef spearfisher needs. The reduced format of the buoy has proven itself well when spearfishing from a boat and in cases where it is simply not possible or convenient to take a large buoy with you. An ideal choice for travel enthusiasts. Also perfect for a bunch of 1-4 buoys for trophy hunting.

• Fastening and fixing guns with rubber bands on top of the buoy.
• D ring rings for attaching fish stringer, buoy line etc.
• A large D-ring on the bottom to accommodate a fish stringer/ Bluewater Floatline Bungee.
• Two large D-rings with reinforced mounts in front and in the back of the buoy to accommodate Bluewater Floatline Bungees.
• Internal architecture keeps the sides flat at pressure to negate roll both in the water and on the deck, also allowing the buoy to skim the surface instead of dragging.
• The TRITON buoy is very easy to deflate, roll up and pack for transport. Just as easy as pumping it up later with any car or SUP pump. For this, an adapter is included in the kit.
• The TRITON buoy is made using the DROP STITCH PVC technology. Vertical stitching of the fabric layers provides rigidity to the projectile and allows pumping pressure up to 20 PSI. The density of PVC is 1000 den.

• length 900 mm;
• width 300 mm;
• height 150 mm;
• volume 37 L;
• weight 1400 g.

Included in the pack:
• buoy;
• repair kit;
• valve key;
• automotive pump adapter;
• carry bag;
• flag.

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