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Our mission is to create the best fins in the world. We analyzed previous products and techniques, tested different options and found a method, that makes our product at least 15% more effective than any other product on the market.

This was made possible by the new patented «Spine» technology, meaning the fins rigidity stems from the core of the fin.

We've given every blade a so-called "Spine", this tech is one of a kind and its level of quality can only be achieved utilizing the modern autoclave.


Andriy Khvetkevich, while developing the DiveEasy line, set demands, that initially seamed unfeasible, namely that:

The blades must not contain parts made of soft plastic, that can easily tear off and disappear in the ocean.
The blades must not be painted, meaning they cannot have a coating, that could wear and pollute the ocean.
The logo and brand name must not simply be stickers applied to the blades (most stickers made of plastic and other materials wear out over time and through use and can end up falling off and pollute the ocean).
Following these strict ecological guidelines, TRITON created a product, that does not contain soft plastic, weak coatings or stickers.

The design is "baked" inside the blades using the autoclave, the appearance of the blade is achieved using the patterns of the carbon fiber itself and any colored elements of the design are applied before the baking process and fuses with the carbon fiber during the process.
The result is that, since the design is fused with the material itself inside the blade, nothing can get worn out, tear and pollute the ocean.
We don't use the usual types of varnish, because they are prone to flaking off. The smooth surface is achieved utilizing the resin, that is the basis of all autoclaved carbon fiber elements.
Some characteristics of the carbon fiber DiveEasy blades:
Developed for professional athletes. 
Width: 194 mm.
Length: 600 mm from the bend angle.
Comes in two different stiffnesses: soft or medium.
Angle: 22°, 25°.

If you want to get your custom name or logo on blades, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Prices will be given upon your inquiry.

Carbon fibre blades DiveEasy are the most technologically advanced in terms of comfort, effectiveness and the lighter in terms of weight than anything else out on the market today. Achieved through collaboration with the elite freediver Andriy Khvetkevych, who takes up the 4th spot in the world for depth diving with bi-fins.

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