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The ELEMENTAL sports series is the most anticipated new addition to the world of professional freediving.
ELEMENTAL fins are made of 100% autoclaved carbon fiber. This professional tool can be optionally adjusted to suit the individual characteristics of the athlete.

ELEMENTAL carbon fins are the most technologically advanced, most comfort, efficiency and lightness on the market today. This professional tool can be optionally adjusted to suit the individual characteristics of the athlete, such as: stroke technique, foot extension, height and weight, physical fitness. Based on these parameters, the blade bending angle, blade width and length, as well as blade stiffness vary - not only overall, but also in the ability to make changes in the stiffness in certain areas.

Characteristics of the carbon blades Mod.ELEMENTAL:
Developed for professional athletes.
Width: 194 mm.
Length: 600 mm from the bend angle.

• The most difficult laying of different types of carbon fabrics with different moduli of elasticity, with different weaves, at different angles. All this allowed us to create ideal blades for both depth and distance.
• ELEMENTAL carbon blades are the most technologically advanced blades on the market today. Developed by the best technologists and engineers who produce details for Formula 1 cars.
• We do not varnish the blades on top to give them the better look, because our technologies obtain to make blades with a perfectly smooth shiny surface for high hydrodynamic parameters.
• We use carbon fiber fabrics only from European manufacturers proven over the years.
• The blades are made by autoclaving.
• Made in Europe.

You can also get your custom name, logo or design on blades on request.

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