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The ELEMENTAL sports series is the most anticipated new addition to the world of professional freediving.

Made of 100% autoclaved carbon fiber. This professional tool can be optionally adjusted to suit the individual characteristics of the athlete.

Hundreds of hours of autoclave operation, tens of meters of carbon fiber, brainstorming of the entire TRITON team, full hardmade (22-24 hour work days) and a year and a half of testing preceded the launch of the ELEMENTAL sports series.

The monofin is suspended in almost neutral buoyancy, which delivers maximum efficiency during the stroke.
ELEMENTAL monofin is complete: carbon blade model ELEMENTAL + TRITON custom footpockets.

Characteristics of the carbon blade Mod.ELEMENTAL:
• Width: 690 mm.
• Available in stiffneses: super soft, soft, medium.
• The blade is not varnished to give it a better look. The technologies we use make it possible to obtain a monofin blade with an ideally smooth surface for high hydrodynamic performance.
• The most complex layering process of different types of carbon fiber with different moduli of elasticity, with different weaves, at different angles. All of this allowed us to create the perfect monofin for both depth and distance.

Characteristics of the TRITON custom made footpockets:
• 2 types of custom footpockets with different bases.
• Sizes 35-46.
• The most comfortable fit is achieved through a combination of different rubber types and stiffnesses.
• Protective elements prevent the blade from breaking in major bottlenecks.
• The base of the lift angle is made from different types of rubber for the most accurate transfer of momentum from the overshoes to the blade and to minimize the weight of the monofin.
• It has an optimal angle of 27°.
• Unique system of force distribution during the stroke.

To order your monofin please contact us by so we can provide you instructions on how to make measurements of your feet and all future information.

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