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TRITON high pressure board is a result of rigorous testing and innovation, creating a highly functional product geared specifically towards spearfishermen.

TRITON spearfishing board is purpose-shaped with the nose slightly lifted above water, allowing freedom of movement across water for the spearfisherman. It is built similarly to SURF/SUP boards, allowing it to glide across the water surface, thanks to the 20 PSI internal pressure.

The top surface is reinforced with black EVO preventing the user from slipping off while moving. Additionally the EVO top coat prevents any accidental damage.
Purpose mounts for spearguns and fins of any size.
Fastex realer attachment.
Detachable net bag compartment for the torch, key holder, etc.
D ring rings for attaching fish stringer, buoy line etc.
A convenient foam filled carry on handles.
An optional mount for GPS, sonar and a phone (not included).
The board is easy to deflate and pack tightly for transportation. Once you are at your destination you can easily inflate the board using any automotive or SUP pump (adapter included).
The board is manufactured using DROP STITCH PVC technology. Vertical stitching provides the necessary rigidity and allows inflating to 20 PSI. PVC density 1000 den. Top mounted ant slip EVO foam pad.

• length 1050 mm;
• width 600 mm;
• height 100 mm;
• weight of the board 2740 gr;
• weight assembled with mesh bag 3255 gr

Included in the pack:
• buoy;
• detachable mesh bag;
• carrier bag;
• flag;
• repair kit;
• valve key;
• automotive pump adapter.

Information on how to store your TRITON board:

Dry the board before rolling, or it may turn black. Only then roll up.
The board is made of PVC. It can withstand temperatures from -20 to +50°С. You can store it in a cold room but! do not untwist or inflate until it has warmed up to + temperature. If you don't let it warm up, some creases may remain.
The valve is made of plastic, when frozen it becomes brittle. Avoid impacts. It is advisable to tighten it during storage so that it does not break.
If possible, carefully store in a semi-inflated form at a temperature not lower than -5°С.
PVC is vulnerable to UV rays and can become brittle. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

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